Don't use the Merak in winter conditions.
The new Maserati 3200 GT is clearly a mix between Ferrari GT cars and Maserati GT cars, it is even more dynamic to drive as the last Ghibli's but is also a little less luxurious. It's performance is beyond compare, even beyond Shamal. It is definitely the fastest way of transporting two tall adults plus two small adults from A to B. The interior is roomier than that of the Ghibli or Shamal (or Jaguar xk8, Porsche 996) but a little short of being a real long distance 4-seater, also because the luggage bay is sports car sized. But again 4 passengers is not impossible. Visibility to the rear is restricted, the ergonomics are very good, the seats are hard and have good lateral support. The Biturbo cars are very suitable for daily use in heavy city traffic or normal driving or granturismo driving. The cars have good around visibility, good airco's and good engine cooling capacity. The controls are not heavy and ergonomically placed, the noise level is low. Crosswind stability is perfect, ground clearance is less brilliant. Fuel economy quite normal. They are exceptionally good long distance tourers because of their good suspension comfort, chassis stability, reasonable space, high performance engines and comfortable seating. Although in winter conditions they have little traction and are not protected very well against rust. Further minus point is the unreliable electrical system, mostly always one light bulb burning too much or too few. Those who travel long distances with more than 3 persons should have a 4-door version or the 10cm longer 2-door 228, with larger boot and 10cm longer interior, and somewhat higher roof. What they like very much is a crowded interstate, where the quick turbo response gives always an enormous amount of acceleration in all gears, and gives the cars a sovereign position amongst other vehicles present. People that want to remain dominant all day even in German Autobahn situation above 240km/h need a V8 3200GT, Shamal or Quattroporte V6,V8 or Ghibli in the manual 6 speed version. So that at 240 or 250km/h limited chauffeur driven cars of Mercedes, BMW and Audi with Der Spiegel or Frankfurter Allgemeine reading CEO's can be overtaken and so that non speed-limited Porsche's something, or spoiler decorated Brabus and Alpina cars can be followed, so that only the occasional Frankfurt stockbroker with an F40 Ferrari or Dusseldorf Pimp with a Lamborghini Countach will escape from you. The average Munich fashion store owner with his Jaguar XKR will not be able to overtake you, and that is crucial of course. Other Maserati's can also still be used as daily users or granturismo's, but beware: all of them are very sensitive to salt, humidity and grease, and quickly rust, important is to protect the bodies with wax oil, dinitrol,etc., and to wash them frequently, but especially winter salt is still very bad for all of them, so keep them in the garage when there is salt on the road. Their in city or on highway greatly depends on the model. In general the following drive ability cars are quite manageable in city traffic, although controls will be heavy: Sebring, Mistral, Kyalami, Indy. Most of the Maserati's from the 3500 GT and on are still good highway cars, especially: Bora, Merak, Quattroporte 3, Kyalami, Khamsin, Ghibli, Indy, Mexico. A Merak would be a nice choice for a trip through Europe with 2 persons, it has great handling, still good, springing comfort and lots of space for two inside, and will easily deliver 12l/100km. On a vacation trip with 4 or 5, the Quattroporte 3 would be a nice way to drive up and down from Sicily to Stockholm. The car is quite simple and reliable, very roomy and comfortable, and likes to go fast. In town it is too big.

For some basic figure on all models look at the table, please.