A clean engine is important before the work starts.
If you need to repair your Maserati Biturbo Car, please be careful and watch our advice. The engines of Biturbo's have complicated and fragile engine management systems that can ruin the whole engine. Therefore if the right diagnoses is done directly and the reparation is done immediately, reparation costs will remain low.

Therefore only go to an experienced, or authorized garage, with other Maserati's on the bridge. Or if you are too remote, go to another garage but keep in frequent contact during the repair with an experienced garage. To avoid extra costs, in both situations, give a very clear and detailed report on your cars problem, and after that, encourage the mechanic to do some extra observations to verify the problem.

Assist your mechanic with the logics of the diagnosis and conclusions during the process. So in other words: stay co-responsible of the software process of the reparation of your car from the beginning to the end. After the reparation testdrive the car under virtually the same circumstances as you had when you had the problem.

Repairing older Maserati's will take time, finding and making the parts is sometimes difficult, also cars that have been standing too long might have gasket leaks that caused corrosion in the cylinders, resulting in complete engine rebuilding neccessary. Also will occur: completely rotten exhaust systems, square tires that need expensive replacement, corroded braking systems, dried out gaskets and seals of water and brake pump etc, all very expensive for classic Maserati's.

To avoid problems like the above: driving the cars a few times a year is essential to avoid huge repairs. If you cannot easily find specific parts, please e-mail us, and we'll try to find solutions for you.