Zero problems of course.
This is an 4.24v of 1991 that drove up and down from Bologna to the North Cape in Norway, a 8000 km trip. Not really difficult for a car maintained by a good dealer. If you want to see some facts then we believe are important to know when you drive a Maserati. Please look if you want to know something about maintenance or if you have some comments, please e-mail us. Maserati cars from before the biturbo area are almost as expensive to maintain as a Rolls-Royce, due to cost of spare parts and body parts and chromework it will be expensive to daily drive the non-biturbo Maserati's. The rarer they are and the older the models are, the more expensive it gets. For these reasons the Quattroporte 3 V8's, Kyalami's, Mistral's, Merak's and Sebrings, Indy's are still somewhat affordable to drive (for instance in comparison to a new Mercedes S class) 20.000km a year with a little bit of organizing the parts. Of Maserati cars from before the biturbo area delivery times of parts can also easily consist of several months. Costs of maintenance and repair of biturbo Maserati's are at a level of in between Porsche and BMW. The V8 Quattroporte and Shamal reach Porsche 911 level, an ordinary Biturbo i is on par with let's say a 1988 530i. With the new 3200 GT maintenance costs will probably be also on the V8 Quattroporte level.
If you don't have time to service your car frequently, then a Biturbo Car becomes very expensive to own and run. For instance because they are turbo cars they really need new oil every 10.000km or every year. And also because of the high turbo-boost available sparkplugs and ignition system need frequent attention, sometimes even in between regular checks because mal-functioning ignition can overheat the engine. If you let the interior of your Biturbo decline, it will be extremely costly to restore it, because there are very many different materials used, and they are expensive and hard to get. Maserati badges will sometimes disappear. Adjusting the valve clearances of Biturbo cars is very critical regarding wear and performance, so follow the procedures, and give the job to an experienced dealer or garage. Not to an optimistic generalist. Also the timing belts of the cars need change according to procedures, because they really break when too old. Oil leaking differentials will also be saved in time by an experienced mechanic who seals the leak and adds oil. Besides, from 1992 Ghibli and on diagnosis systems are also required tools to perform assistance.