Maserati, or something r…… from the kingdom of Detroit.
If you are sure about it, skip the philosophy and go to the car info and pictures straight away. Otherwise follow this path to decide if you should wish a Maserati for yourself: you might consider a Maserati because basically they are well engineered cars with durable engines and they are nice. (They are as fast as porsche's, but roomier and more comfortable). (They are as exclusive as ferrari's, but need less maintenance). (Their bodies are as strong and stiff as those of Mercedes-Benz, only they look better than most of those.)

If you don't want small irritations you might go to [] because they have better quality of subsystems, so you only have to live with the minor irritation of the esthetics of Mercedes-a-little-melted-down-in-the-sun styling.

If your spouse is going to co-decide what car to buy you might look at [], they have swifter, softer cars.

If your dog has influence deciding what fast car to opt for: V70R at [] is the only choice.

If you like a heavy car, buy an Audi Quattro, then you will be too heavy to consider the moose, but you can accelerate a little extra in the snow to gather momentum to drive straight trough the animal [].

If limiting the effects of accidents rather than avoiding them is you priority go to []anyway.

If you like very good and fast cars loaded with of massproduced black plastic in numerous textures go to [].

If you like the Dow Jones Index to go up at the end of this quarter go to [] and buy a Seville from stock.

If we still have not filtered you out with our suggestions, or the by style of our filtering itself: please look at the Maserati Types & Models General Overview for a serious look at Maserati.

If you like more general information, please send us an e-mail or call us at +31 70 3623197 and we can respond by sending you extra information or discuss with you the subject on the phone. [e-mail]