Checking a 1995 Quattroporte V6 2000 before delivery.
Checking a 1995 Quattroporte V6 2000 before delivery. If you like more information on the test procedures, please send us an e-mail or call us at +31 70 3623197.

0. Check for completeness of the car, accessories, chassis numbers, official documents, service docs, maintenance bills. Very important: service history of timing belt and tensioner, real year of production, value added tax status.

1. Test driving as much as possible, to check acceleration, brake and road holding performance and noise/vibration. Very important:turbo response, low rpm engine response, differential noise, gearbox bearing noise, drive line vibration.

2. Compression test of the engine and check of engine perifery(ignition, exhaust etc.) and support systems (starter etc.). Very important: engine compression above 1:7, sump pressure and smoke, water pump.

3. On the bridge: steering, brakes, tires and suspension system (joints, mounts,arms, springs,shocks) movement check Very important: A-arm and sub frame weldings, brake disc thickness, shockabs functioning, steering joints, tire wear.

4. On the bridge: visual and aromal check to find engine oil, coolant,gearbox oil, differential oil and other fluid leaks. Very important: steering house leaks, differential oil leaks, engine gasket leaks, oil leak in coolant, engine seal leaks.

5. Total functions check: door locks, lights, seat belt locking, windshield wiper's, window mechanisms, heating, air co, etc. Very important: electrical window functioning, air co cooling, main beam lenses, hand brake working, turn signal lever.

6. Visual check of chassis, under floor, sub frames, suspension arms and body work for accident deformations and repairs. Very important: original engine sub frame, door sills, trunk floor, good panel fit, original rear sub frame, unfolded roof.

7. Visual check of paint and chrome work surfaces around the car on form, texture and color, and originalness. Very important: no rust on front fenders, doors, on c-pillar ear window edges, no bad resprays, no colour differences.

8. Visual check of glass, rubber sealing, plastics, badges and special materials surfaces around the car. Very important: front window damage free, rubber door seal ok, bumpers and side skirts crackfree, window seals ok.

9. Visual check of all interior parts and panels considering strength, form, surface structure and colour. Very important: alcantara seat surfaces not worn, leather armrest not torn, driver seat still firm, no cracks in wood.